your back and the sun

Years ago at our first training camp (as a new coaching staff), we talked about not folding our hand (when the going was tough), said McLellan. Played for moments like this. We know how badly we played in Game 4 but were able to park it and start again to make amends.

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They’re beautiful and badass. Many models hit speeds of 28 miles an hour with pedal assist though most still top out at 20 and are reliable for distances of 50 miles. Riding an e bike is not exactly the same as having the wind at your back and the sun in your face, but it qualifies as a close (if mechanically induced) second..

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Helen Heleotis MurphyAGE: 100 OakhurstHelen Heleotis Murphy, a long time resident of Oakhurst, passed away Sunday, November 5, 2017 at the age of 100. Born June 1, 1917, she grew up in Keyport and Loch Arbour. She was the nicest, kindest, most wonderful person one could ever hope to know.

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Was so angry at her for neglecting herself that way, Connie Mora said. Your experience is very valuable to other women. Some women are just afraid. Even play a trio of Herrera, Matic and Lingard to provide a base to shield a shaky defence (despite our record it is shaky with Smalling in the team). To paraphrase a Pink Floyd song, Jose, just let the tigers break free.Oisin NZ (can we start calling City’s team “Pep’s merry band of midfield geniuses”)While on a recent holiday in Spain, I watched a couple of matches (the one I remember most was PSG vs Celtic in the Champions League) in Spanish. The pubs I went to mostly showed games with English commentary but there were a few in Spanish and I must say I really enjoyed watching them.Football is a common language for everyone so you kind of know what the commentator is saying even if you don’t understand all the words.

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When it comes to longevity, Palm Beach County Administrator Bob Weisman has beaten all the odds. Having served as the county’s top dog for ten years, he’s not only survived far longer than the average four to five year tenure of most county administrators but is one of the longest serving county chiefs in the state, according to Ken Small, who tracks such things for the Florida League of Cities. Weisman, 50, owes his longevity to no one but himself.

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Tony Barnette entered and allowed a long sacrifice fly to make it 2 0, but otherwise pitched well, finishing the 7th inning and retiring the Padres in order on 8 pitches in the 8th. The first pitch of the bottom of the 8th inning was launched to the upper right corner of the lower deck. Napoli circled the bases, and it was 2 1..

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